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hey this looks good!

never bothered to look at it before lol,

this may be a dodogy question to ask here but whats gears of war like in comparison to this?


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this may be a dodogy question to ask here but whats gears of war like in comparison to this?
Having played both (although not quite finished RFOM yet) I would easily score both games 9/10.

RFOM obviously plays differently to GOW and would probably be better compared to other FPS games such as COD and UT, I'm definately having alot fun with it. The Manchester level I thought was excellent there must be over 30 enemies/allies on screen at one point with explosions and debris flying everywhere, very hectic!

Graphical GOW has more wow factor with very high res and normal mapped textures/surfaces but this is offset and made possible through clossed environments and limited enemies on screen, either way though GOW has set the benchmark for console rendering. Technicaly I think RFOM outshine GOW as mentioned above with huge number of enemies and vast draw distances, also displays excellent collision detection and physics. I have also read that the further you get into the game the more impressive it becomes.....??

RFOM story is little bit more engrosing with nice cutsecnes and narration, I found GOW to lack any real depth or plot although I'm sure there just setting the scene for what will be many sequels.

With regards to online I've played little RFOM to compare, the little is did play was very good though (Meltdown I think it was called), played 32 player with no lag at all.
cheers matey, thats a very fair and good responce.

might try and return my saints row for gears of war at asda then..... my erm nan got me it for xmas, its the wrong one ahem ;)


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GOW and Resistence are different games really. Their both contenders for game of the year though if not last two years. GOW has that instant f* me mentality to it but is a tiny bit clunky on its interface of melee combat (you get used to it though). Resistence starts of with oh my god this looks like COD2 graphically and it feels horrendously dated till you hit Manchester (about 1-2hours tops but the game can last you about 12hours if you play it on harder difficulty as its a large game for FPS). Once you hit Manchester the gameplay ramps up, the graphics go to stunning and the battles become immense. Story Resistence has a good narritive, GOW has very up and down story first part you get some gorgeous bits then it just seems to shove it in the background (not that you really need it in GOW as its fun to hack stuff).

If you have both machines then both games should be number 1 on your list put it like that and I happily will go back and play Resistence thru again and again (finished it twice now) same with GOW. Online Resistence is better for team games ie DM etc... but GOW is best co-op game around :thumbsup:


The co-op mode is MUCH better in resistance than GOW, me and my brother have absolutely loved it (the split screen VERTICALLY on a 50" screen is better than horizontal by miles). It has the same amount on screen with no slowdown, plus when in a vehicle, one drives, the other shoots, great fun! I have GOW and F.E.A.R but resistance is the best overall by far (in my opinion), although all are great games.


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GOW is a great game lacking in story but i assume thats because they are going to have a few more sequals maybe even prequals :)

Cant comment on RFOM as yet as iam awaiting for my console and game to arrive but from what i have seen of it it looks like GoW so i think i will like it.

I have read a few posts saying ints similar but different at the same time.

Cant wait for it :) as with a few other games lined up for it :):D

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