RF2 - Used to have good pic now I don't


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I asked an electrician to pop some coax between two rooms when we had some rewiring. I linked up the RF2 from the sky HD box to wall plate in the front room, and the kitchen tv to the wall plate in the kitchen. Lovely colour picture, all was great. Then I popped in a magic eye and all of a sudden the picture was terrible. The eye did not work so I got rid of it, but my kitchen tv now has a black and white grainy picture, sound is ok. I thought I had stretched the connector in the wall plate as the cable was a bit loose, so I swapped that and bought a new sealed end coax cable. Still rubbish b&w picture, although better fit.

Any suggestions what I have done, and how I can fix it?

My local satellite companies want about £60 call out!



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If you "stretched the connector" in the wallplate I suspect you've maybe damaged it's socket.


Yes, there's definitely a fault in the connections, such as a stray strand of cable short-circuiting.


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I have replaced thesocket and the pic is still rubbish - perhaps I have not done a very good job? Any tips?


Try other channels.


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Troubleshooting by guesswork is not a good idea.
Start from scratch - test the Digibox RF2 output by connecting it via a new short cable to a TV aerial input (tune it in). Next test the existing short cable between RF2 and wall plate. Then check the cable that connects the plates together.


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This happened to me also - Sky signal sent via RF2 out from our sitting room to our bedroom. To start with it worked fine, for months, with a great picture. Then the picture started to get gradually worse. I changed the coax cable and some connections, thinking this would work, but it made no difference. So I changed the Sky RF output settings to a different channel - After a few attempts at different channels, it worked perfectly.

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