RF2 sky+ to a projector



Picture this! I'll be having a loftbox installed with my sky+ and sky box receavers alongside, (combined to allow ir control via global eyes).
So now i'll be having rf inputs to all tv's, I know i'll only receaving mono sound on my regular tv's but what about my projector? picture and sound?

Chris Frost

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This doesn't make much sense :confused:

Are you asking how to change an RF signal into video & audio, or are you asking for suggestions about getting a direct feed to the projector? It doesn't help that it's posted in the projection screens forum either.

For RF to AV you need to either feed the signal through a VCR or use an RF Demodulator. Either will give you composite video and audio.

The better option is a direct video and audio feed from one of the sat boxes. The options are much wider. A lot depends on the distances involved, what type of video signal your projector can accept, whether you want Dolby Digital audio...and so on. Then there's the issue of cost, of course ;)

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