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There seems to be a lot of discussion around distribution of sky/sky+ signals around the house, but none exactly answer what I have a problem with, so hope you can all help.

I've just upgraded by Sky box to Sky+ from an old box my bro' kindly gave me. It's a PACE BSkyB 3000. Registered it with Sky and paired my viewing card so that I could get all the services. Upgraded to software via download and everything seemed fine.:thumbsup:

I had another TV running of the RF2 of the old Sky box at the back of the house, via a 4-port mains powered-amplifier in the loft. The picture from the old sky box was great and the TV (with integrated DVB) was tuned into all the freeview channels. Now with the new Sky+ box, the sky picture is "snowy" and the Freeview doesn't pick up all the channels (some channels, say BeeB are ok, but ITV and radio cannot be picked up). There was an attenuator and TV-Link in line which I have removed, but no difference (though would have thought there should be some). I resorted to changing channels (from default 68) and power options via the hidden options, but again no difference. If I bypass the sky+ box, signal to TV in the back is just great again.

So my conclusion is dodgy Sky+ box (thanks bro :thumbsdow ) or at least RF out has gone, but just wanted to check that none of you experts had any other ideas?? Am assuming bypassing the amp is probably not going to work, since long way for signal to go? Any other suggestions would be great:)

I resorted to changing channels (from default 68) and power options via the hidden options

If the old Sky box was outputting on RF CH68 and the new box is on the same channel and nothing else has changed...like you disturbing a connection at either end of the cable it can only be a faulty box.
Whether the 9v power is switched on or off makes no difference to the signal which is output all the time regardless...the 9v power is only provided to power a TV Link and has nothing to do with the signal quality.

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