RF2 knocking out dvd signal when connected to wall socket


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Just bought a new dvd recorder (old panasonic packed up, apparently common fault). Having connected everything up as per instructions, I reconnected the rf2 output on the sky box to go back to the amplifier/distributor in the loft as it had before. First it didn't work, then it worked for a short time, then all the digital signals round the house broke up. When I took the cable out and reconnected, it immediately lost all dvb signals to the connected tv and those round the house pixelated and froze.

Everything works fine till I try to get the sky back round the house using this connection. I checked that the rf output power was on and it wasn't. Problem solved, I thought. I tried again, having turned it on, but the same problem - knocks out the digital to the connected tv.

If I connect the aerial directly into the tv everything works and we get sky through the house, but then the new dvd recorder with digital receiver built into the recorder does not work as it is not getting an aerial signal. Spent all afternoon and most of today's trying to solve the problem and am now stuck. There was a thread about changing the sat box frequency but don't know how to. I could just leave it like this, but if I want to record a digital programme I can't use the dvd's receiver. Anyone any clues?


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The most likely cause is the dvd recorder has it's own modulator which is outputting a frequency used by your local terrestrial transmitter or the internal modulator in the sky box. Check to see if the dvd recorder has such a device if so try and find a spare channel on the dvdr to eliminate the problem or split the aerial infeed to give the recorder a clean feed rather than looping the signal through it.


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Oh, hadn't thought of that. Okay, I will read through the destruction manual tonight and see what gives. Thanks for your suggestion. What a terrific site this is - there is such a wealth of information and I have often found it helpful with tech questions. Here's hoping.


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Also check the RF flying leads connecting the equipment together as these can be very poor quality and can cause a lot of problems.


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I assume the rf flying leads are the ones which look like thinner coaxial leads - the dvd player came with one supplied?

I used proper coaxial cable with a male/female end adapter going from rf2 on the sky box and this didn't work - just cut the digital signal to the tv straight away. Thinking it was the cable, or the flimsy adapter, I replaced it with what I presume you are referring to - an rf flying lead which I had spare and which had the correct male/female connections.

At first it worked and I thought I had cracked it, but soon afterwards I got the pixilation probs and thought it may be the external roof aerial. This morning I had another thought and removed it again and all the interference went away and I got ITV back. Do you think the lead could make a difference then?


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My husband has previously said that the thicker coaxial leads should be better but as all the recent equipment I have bought were supplied with the thinner ones I, wrongly, thought they may have been improved and with most things these days, have got smaller with the newer technology.

I read the link, thanks, but I may have to buy a lead with a male connector as my last attempt at soldering - my panasonic dvd recorder circuit board replacement part, resulted in a failure - bit too small and tricky.


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As suggested by Graham there may be a conflict between the output of your new recorder(if it has an rf op) or one of the dvbt channels. Try changing the rf op of the sky box to a different channel and see if it solves problem.
To change the op of the sky box:
1. Go to "Services" button on the remote
2. Scroll down and select "Setup"
3. Press 01 & Select button
This gets you into the installation menu.
Scroll down to RF output and change to new channel (between 21 to 68)
Then "Save " changes.



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Hi thanks for that suggestion. I do remember at one point changing the rf channel output, but then I changed it back. I tried so many things, but it may have been when I had not managed to get the signal round the house at all. I will give it another go.


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