RF to Scart question!!!


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Hi Folks,

I have a problem!

I have just had a nice new 32” LCD put on my wall all the cables tracked into the wall.

The problem is that in a hurry to get this done before the plaster came I only had time put in co axial.

Now I have used one of these leads to transmit the signal from my NTL box but I’m only getting a good picture on whatever is on in the main TV (ie SKYSPORTS)

My old free box had 2 scarts and I was able to connect my DVD player to this. When i turned on the DVD player it switched automatically!

I have heard of free view boxes that have an RF modulator that you can use to connect to old TV’s with no scart!

My question is –

Can I connect my DVD player to this (RF modulator) free view box and connect it to my TV via coaxial and be able to watch free view and a DVD??

Does anyone have any recommendations??? Cheap???




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Personally I would redo the wall with the right cables, sending DVD via RF is a big no no! I know it will be extra cost and disruption, but it will be worth it for the increased level in performance.

At the very minimum you want HDMI, component and audio out cables, I always put another cable in for control and sometimes optical for surround sound from the TV.


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