Question rf to scart modulator


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hello there, new to this so please bear with me!

i have got my skybox set up so it sends the output via rf to another room (use magic eyes to control). whist this works fine with a tv (in the other room); if i use a projector (old one with only scart/av type plugs) i have to put the rf though an old vhs and use an output line to get the projector to work.

all of the above works just fine. however, i want to get rid of the unsightly vhs player. my question is what kit do i need to get it to work please?

i have seen scart to rf modulators but no rf to scart modulators... is there such a thing?




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You need something with a PAL analogue TV tuner. The modulator creates an analogue TV channel using the uhf channel set up (21-68) in the Sky setup menu. You may struggle to find a stand alone PAL I tuner box these days.
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