RF to control Alexa device


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I know you can get an RF bridge to allow Alexa to control RF devices in your home.
I want to do the opposite!
I want to use a remote mounted RF push button switch to toggle a Wi-Fi only device installed on Alexa.
It’s for lights and I need a wall switch but I don’t want to fiddle with the wiring. I want to fit a smart light bulb but also mount an RF switch on the wall so that the light can be physically switched as well.
I know there are light bulb adapter fittings that use both RF and Wi-Fi that will accomplish this, but there’s a space issue and I can’t use such a bulky adapter.
Does anyone know of a device that will receive an RF signal and translate it into an Alexa operation?


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As you don’t specify the type of RF, Zigbee falls into this case. The later Alexas contain a Zigbee hub, so this would work with with your use case



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As you appear to be able to link accounts to create Alexa -> Sonoff actions, can you not go the other way using a Sonoff Hub or Tasmoto reflash or similar

Problem you may face is it will be cost prohibitive to implement your way as opposed to buying a Zigbee switch as previously mentioned

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Nope, I do that already. I want to do the opposite.
I want to press an RF switch and have it toggle an Alexa device. A bridge allows Alexa to send commands to RF devices. I want to know if there’s a device that will allow Alexa to receive commands from an RF device (a wall switch).


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This article is still about controlling RF devices. The device I want to switch is not RF.
The remote RF switch button is set up on the Sonoff RF Bridge and Alexa discovers it as type “Other”.
I can do nothing with the device in Alexa...


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I have a Sonoff RF bridge. Brilliant value at £8 from AliExpress, but sadly it can not be used to trigger Alexa routines.

There are devices you can use, like Flic 2 Buttons and various motion sensors for Shelly etc, but not cheap and cost can quickly mount up.

If you're an Apple user you are in luck if you use Homebridge to integrate the Sonoff RF bridge into apple HomeKit. That opens up a whole world of possibilities. I have some RF motion sensors in my garage and shed etc, which I used to trigger alerts, outside lights and such like. They were £2 each delivered from AliExpress and work faultlessly.

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