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I have just moved my sky+, I have had a 2nd sat feed running from the RF2 socket to a bedroom. I took the aeiral out of the rf2 today and out popped the complete RF2 insides :( I have now connected just the 2nd feed (no remote eye) to RF1 but cannot get a very good picture. I cannot understand why RF1 is such a poor picture.

Any ideas?

Also, how easy is it to replace the RF2 socket?



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When you "out popped the complete RF2 insides" you probably damaged a connection to RF1 as well.

Look at this page:
Scroll down a little and you'll see listed two Pace RF Modulators.
That's the sort of thing you'll need so find out the make and exact model number of your SKY+ Digibox then look for a supplier.

(If it's not Pace you are probably out of luck - you'll have to look for a broken one that has a good modulator that you can remove).
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