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    A bit of a ramble, so apologies!
    I wish to send my rf2 sky output to 2 (or more) TVs upstairs - currently use a magic eye for 1 TV, but wish to add a second TV (&VCR). What are the various options available.

    A Y splitter (50p job presumably results in a lot of signal loss, and can it be used with a TV link?) Notice you can get low loss ones. If I were to get a 2nd TV link, can both be used with a Y splitter, or do I need a powered splitter of some sort.

    Confused by the different amplifiers available, from the TV signal booster type with 1 input and 2/4 etc outputs, that you get all over the place - would this allow use of 1 and or 2 TV links?

    To the home distribution modules - I only want to send the SKY RF to the other TVs (and therefore the analogue TV signal too) not FM etc, so one of these seems overkill.

    I did see these on CPC
    AP0080866 and
    SE0035666 - but was usure what all the other bits listed to order related too.

    which one would do the job, or is a cheaper solution available?

    As you can see, I'm a little confused by all this, so any input welcome.

    Cheers, Ali

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