RF distribution has gone 'funny'.


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Hopefully someone here will have some idea of what is going on.

I have distributed the RF tv signal to three TV's within my flat.

The chain is;

Aerial -> sat -> video -> dist / amp -> 3 tv's


Everything worked fine for 6 months or so. The only funny thing was that the signal put through the coax was probably quite strong as it would give me a small shock (tingle) if I touched the inner core of the cable).


Very bad picture, no sky picture at all, if I unplug the amp / dist splitter (all in one unit) then the picture improves but is still very bad.

Taking the aerial out straight to the tv gives a reasonably good picture so the source signal seems to be ok.

I suspect the amp / splitter has gone but other suggestions would be very helpful.

Any advice on a good splitter / amp for RF distribution would also be gladly received.

Can you connect the aerial direct to the amplifier , if the pic is still bad its the amp.
Labgear and televes do good distribution amps.


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Dumb Question but is your ariel ok as the dist/splitter will make the signal stronger thus making a bad reception awful.
I had the same probs at my dad's place and rodent had chewed through the cable


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The signal on the tv with the shorter cable run is noticably better than the two longer runs.

Now the point you mention may have more relevence than you may suspect.....

The property I am in is rented and had a roofer come to install a couple of new tiles at the bottom of the roof. After this repair the pic was bad but I have no idea if it was straight after as I didn't watch the standard channels for a while.

Very good point about making a bad signal worse though......although I cant tune in Sky at all and that comes from the receiver before looping back to the amp so surly I should still get a good pic with that.

The cable for the runs is fairly welll shielded but is not top notch.

Only other thing has been running cat5e for phone and network throughout the flat to a patch panel in the loft....

Fun and games.




New to the forum, and just reading this thread.

You mention a tingling sensation when touching the coax central core, the signal would have to be amazing for this to happen. I strongly suspect you are using RF2 out of the sky box, and you have got the 'skylink' (or whatever it's called, can't remember) feature turn on.

This put 9 volts on the cable, for use with an amp/remote IR eyes further down the line, I use this myself. If you're not using this it maybe wise to turn it off, as it may stress/upset equipment further down the line.

This thread is a bit old, so maybe you've sorted it now anyway!


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