RF distribution along cat5 / coax cable


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Hello guys;
Got a very long house where wireless senders are utterly useless; hence the use of CAT5 cable that's pre-installed in the house.

Got Sky HD at one end of house.
20 metres away, through endless walls, I have a netgear amplified RF distribution box that can send 8 RF signals to every room in the house, thanks to pre-installed RF coax cables all routed from this central point out to each room.

There is a 25 metre long cat5 cable between the Sky HD box and the netgear distributor box.

I don't need HDMI distribution as only have 1 HD TV (that's connected to the sky box). I just want the simple ability to transmit the same Sky channel to every room in the house, via the RF out from the sky HD unit to the netgear 8 way splitter.
(Should point out that I currently have an external freeview aerial feeding into the 8 way splitter too, which allows someone to use freeview box OR select the Sky channel which is tuned in to the RF freq like an extra standard TV channel to see what ever is currently on the sky box).

That's it.

So I reckon all I need is an RF to Cat5 balun at the Sky Box end and the netgear distributor end. These seem to vary from £2.50 to £80.
Does anyone have any recomendations?



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