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RF connections question

James Bond

Standard Member
So I'm getting a DTT aerial installed this week for my IDTV and I'm just getting my wall plates and stuff set up first.

Just a question, Is there any difference between running a RF cable from the RF input on a wall plate to the TV and running a RG6 cable from a F-Type input on the wall plate to the TV and then using a F-Type to RF adapter? Hope that makes sense.


Established Member
I'm not clear about 'RG6' cables, but I think your asking effectively if you should use 'F type' or a normal 'RF' wall plate? Sorry I don't know. However I can say don't rely on the fly leads ( Wall to TV ) or cheap adaptors ( F to RF ) you may have of unknown quality. My set up is a bit convolute, but I've gone from no F/v channels received to plenty, being split to 3 receivers. My previous post http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=829312 explains a bit, the short answer get reasonable quality fly leads & try to keep the number of joints down.


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RG6 is a type of RF cable so whether you use co-ax type plugs of F-Type plugs is irrelevant. Personally I wouldn't use RG6, use TX100/WF100 etc. instead. For TV it is common to have a female socket on the wall and then a male to male cable linking the TV to the socket. F-Type is more common for satellite, but as previously stated, it makes no difference what type of plugs you use, except of ocurse that the plug going in to the TV has to be a male co-ax!


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If at all possible avoid the wall plate completely and run straight to the TV.

You can get some nice brush plates if you want to have a neat cover over tthe hole in the wall.

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