RF connection with new Panasonic Freeview recorder


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I have a Sky digital box, a DVD recorder with integrated freeview and a widescreen CRT TV. Please can someone tell me why the manuals suggest you connect the RF lead as follows.

Aerial wall socket -> Sky -> Recorder with freeview unit -> TV.

I have 3 scarts linking Sky to recorder/freeview, recorder/freeview to TV and Sky to TV.

Why does the RF lead have to go into Sky? Would I have a problem if it went directly to the recorder/freeview unit and then into the TV ???


I don't think so... Why not suck it and see?

I don't know skyboxes [ Ptooey!] .. Do they have analogue tuners in too?
Even if it does - You obviously do not require it.

I cannot think of any other information that may be required that would come down a uhf aerial... unless it uses Ceefax data for timing purposes??


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I have never had my RF lead connected to any of my Sky boxes.


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the reason is that sky has RF2 output you can sling round the house with analogue and sky on it, its no needed for watching sky so you can go direct to DTT PVR if prefered then TV. Or you can go from DTT PVR to sky then to TV (this means RF 2 has sky, freeview RF out of PVR and analogue on it meaning from bedroom (if RF2 Ran there) you could view recorded items off DTT PVR (DTT PVR need RF mod output, some are pass through only and wont work) and you need a way to control it


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gary9407 said:
Why does the RF lead have to go into Sky?

It doesn't...the only reason the aerial would need to through the Sky box is if you were taking it out the RF2 socket to feed another TV in another room...this would then loop-through the analogue channels.


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Thanks for the info. I was going to try missing out the RF link to Sky but the wife didn't like the idea of pulling the TV and cables out again if something didn't work properly.

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