Rf-62 ii or rf-82 ii or b&w cm7????


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Hi everyone!

Well as you can tell from the title I have a dilemma with some tower speakers.

The deal, cost for the pair:
1. RF-82 II for $1050
2. RF-62 II for $1020
3. B&W CM7 for $1250

My room size is 12 ft by 20 ft, the application will be 50/50 music and movies.

I have an Pioneer 1121-K av receiver that will drive them. I am avioding getting a sub due to a condo environment, and will start just with fronts for now, due to layout and floor ceiling window that wrap around my condo, I want to avoid wires everywhere for now.

Would love your opinions!! :lease:


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can't say if the Klipsch are better or worse. in the end it's up to you to decide;

however, i would prefer CM8 over CM7 - the CM8 replaced the discontinued CM7. so for me to choose the CM7 it would need an enticing discount
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Have you auditioned any of them? I have a pair of RF82s and auditioned a pair of cm8s.

The cm8s are clearer but the RF82 has a bit more oomph in the low range.

If you are not planning to have a subwoofer i would get the rf82 and the rc52 or rc62.

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