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Rewinding live tv


Standard Member
Sorry, just a quick one I couldn't find the answer to despite searching...
Do freeview PVR's allow you to rewind live tv?
Just bought a Hitachi 320gb freeview+, not installed it yet, but just assumed it would be able to, but am wondering if I'm wrong. Thanks for any help.


In memoriam
Yes afaik all pvrs allow live pause and rewind.


Active Member
No, if you bought a Hitachi HDR it won't rewind live TV. Sorry. if you look on the box you'll notice it says "Pause live TV"... but it doesn't say "rewind live TV" ;)

The Hitachi is a badged Vestel T835 (Vestel is a Turkish company, makes boxes which get branded Alba, Wharfedale, Hitachi etc). The T835 does not "buffer" live TV therefore you cannot rewind it.

You can force Vestels to buffer live TV, but you have to plan in advance: eg make sure the box is recording the programme you are watching.

You can pause live TV, continue watching, and then rewind back to the point you paused. But not beyond.

This can be a major pain in the butt for some people (not so much for me, I rarely watch live TV). But if you were planning on watching the football live, and rewinding to see that goal again, you can't.

Other boxes (Humax, Sagemcom, TVonics) do buffer live TV. But I can't say that all of them do, you'd need to research on t'internet.

The Vestel is not a bad box. Be aware however that recordings do tend to "stutter" once or twice an hour, you lose audio and/or picture for a couple of seconds during that time. If you watch comedy panel shows you'll miss some one-liners. Also they start off fast, but get slower and slower as the library fills up.

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