REW Sim - Do these look the best places for two subs? I can't get decent response from a single sub by the looks


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Been playing with REW sim as I'm starting to look for subs. I've put in the accurate measurements and placed seating 1m from back wall.

Sub locations can be:

  • Anywhere on front wall.
  • Front right hand wall before seating.
  • Back right corner.
Back left corner is the av cab. Access of via door on left in front of seating position. Sealed room.

This is with a sub in both the front corners:

Subs front.JPG

I tried front left and back right corner, which initially was my preference.

Subs Opp Corners.JPG

But, the seating is a row of 4. Possibly with a Love Seat in the middle. I can ofset the seating so one seat is more central, or I can leave the double seat in the middle. Either way I want a smooth response across the two middle seats.

The first graph has a much bigger peak, but I presume EQ could tame this? With the subs at the front, the response doesn't change much at all below 100hz, across the seating. With opposite corners, I still get big moving nulls across the seating, as you move the MLP left to right.

Tried mid points and 1/4 points on walls as well. I'm VERY new to this, but my gut says start with the two front corners?

One sub looks great at MLP, but 10cm to the left and you get a null, 20 cm to the left it drops off a cliff at 55hz. Second sub removes this.

The room:
Speaker Layout.JPGAir Con Location.JPGIMG_6702 (1).jpeg
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Nice rise in that first chart. Tick the box for "align subs individually", that'll let REW use phase to smooth the response.


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Should it be showing higher db output? Or is the shape of the graph more important?

In similar rooms, people are posting graphs at 95bb or more, flat, but this drops to around 65db?


Don’t worry about the levels in room sim, they always report low.

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