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REW Newbie


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Hi All,

I have the tools and a little know how (Very Dangerous:D) to play with REW.

I'm going to try this.

Put the sub to max x over put the antimode into bypass.

Then will follow the instructions to the letter.
The processor has room EQ built in so going to tune the sub and speakers as per the instructions and then reset the antimode which should have an easier job of things and reduce the ringing.

Just wanted to know peoples thoughts on this.


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Didnt have time last nite to do anything other than make the SPL meter to PC conector.

Qualifying at 5am tomorrow so will make a start then :)


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Lost the will to live.

hen I connect my leads to the SPL it goes to +3db and stays there.
Used different leads so the PC is getting a smooth signal with no peaks.

Can anyone lend me a lead and a SPL o check mine?:D

Struggling with the whole thing as well now as I dont know whicjh version to use and the instructions aint easy for a dyslexic to follwo.

I can follow verbal intructions not not written...this is hell on earth

Can anyone spare some time on the phone if I can sort theleads and SPL out?





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Ok...have slept a little , got up for the F1. (C'mon Button...you deserve it...paid yer dues)

Have tested the leads and SPL on the works laptop an no issues. Put it back on my own and feedback hence a smooth curve :D

My laptop was the issue i think now not the lead or the SPL

So...gonna eat...do a little shopping and have another go.

I think this time it should be fine up to the part of getting the filters set in the processor.

One step at a time :)

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The processor has room EQ built in so going to tune the sub and speakers as per the instructions and then reset the antimode which should have an easier job of things and reduce the ringing.

You really need to run the Anti-Mode auto EQ first and then run the processor's auto EQ afterwards. The Anti-Mode will have no way of knowing what adjustments have been made on the processor, but your processor's auto EQ will take into account the adjustments already made by the Anti-Mode as the Anti-Mode is further down the signal path.


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Hi Mate

Will do.....

I think the plan is this:

1. Reset everything and start again.
2. Put the antimode into bypass
3. Get my first curve
4. Look at the phase and X over
5. Run the antimode
6. New curve
7. Fiddle with X over and Phase
8. Follow REW for the remaining speakers
9. Struggle with loading the filters into the processor:rolleyes:

I'll update this later today when I get me Sunday jobs done:

Add Homebrew Biodiesel into the motor
Washing in the machine and on the line
Run to the tip
Drop off kids
Pick up kids
Cook thier food
Get clothes ready for school

Single dad here and time is tight lol
You all know the score lol


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Ok...got REW to run and I've tried it with the antimode set up and then in bypass.

When in bypass REW sorts out the filters and Q etc
When the Antimode is on there is a whole lot less that REW finds so the animode works.
8 filters in REW with antimode in bypass
2 filters with antimode working.

I put the filters in manually into the AV32R and had to leave it there. Kids arrived home so no tests.

But all looks promising and need to fiddle a bit more with the input levels.
Basically yesterday was a playing session to ensure I understood what was going on so next stage is to do the whole lot.

Maybe next weekend due to work and kids etc

Will update this thread when I'm done:thumbsup:




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Large Cheesy Grin:D

Ok....its all in...took the antimode out of line and did the REW on all the speakers.

Sub first then the fronts then checked the 3 combined and then the centre and the rears.
Then added the antimode in and let that do its thing.
Then got all the levels back to 75Db for the speakers and 78Db for the sub.

Well...I thought it was good before now there is so much more cleaner sounds and smoother accross the sound stage.

Thanks to REW, JMREQ & everyones help and posts here I've got s systems that is stunning.

Took some fiddleing with the laptops. My home laptop and the works laptop had feedback on the sound card but luckily my daughters didnt so once that was sussed I was away.

Been a learning curve:thumbsup: (get it? Never mind:D) but an enjoyable one and well worth the frustration I had at times.

Cheers everyone



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Glad its all sorted Paul, must be a nice feeling after all the effort!

Im very intrigued now to say the least...................

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