Revox B790. Worth a repair or not?


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That's one option on my road to improving my vinyl. At the moment I've a Goldring G2 which is basically a Rega P2. MDF plinth and a reworked RB250 with a Goldring 1012GX cart.

I bought a cork mat but it's 3mm and the felt mat is only thin will that make a huge difference as far as the VTA goes and how much would if affect the cart?

My other option is to resurrect my Revox B790 which has been sitting unused for the best part of twenty years. Last time I used it it let out a puff of smoke from under the pickup cover and when the cart was lowered it made a dull thud and literally fell rather than lowering slowly. I had it serviced and the cart changed but it was never right afterwards and I gave up on it.

Had a quick phone round today and searched the net but no one seems interested in the TT side of Revox as apparently it's not worth it. Too troublesome/parts impossible to get for the original model. Mine was one of the first in the UK after I had troubles with a HK Rabco ST7 that a company lost while on repair and in the end the company replaced it with the new Revox TT.

I just feel with all my vinyl that the source needs an upgrade.


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Here's something that may be of use....

Turntable Forum • Revox B790 repair advice?

Personally,I would think that unless it really is something straightforward like rectifiers or caps,it's probably not worth spending a lot of money on.

The Rega is a good beginning,but depending on how much you want to spend,there are better ones to be had,such as Michells.


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Thanks for the reply. Seriously considering selling the Revox, the GR2 and an old Project Debut and seeing how much that would get me. Then see what I can add to it and get something new. Doubt the Revox would be worth that much with all it's age related faults that seem to be common, plus it's so heavy postage costs might be quite high.

In the meantime anyone know about the VTA question?

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