Question Reviving an unfix-able active sub-woofer with dedicated Amp passively wired ?


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Hi all, Newby here.

I have a Klipsch 10 inch powered woofer (sw-350), the 'active' side has died (dodgy gluing) and replacement hardware is no longer available.

I was wondering if anyone had advice or experience on the 2 solutions I'm looking at below to wire the Sub passively as is (obviously connecting directly to the speaker and not the exisiting inputs):

1) Purchase a dedicated low pass filter and wire directly from the AVR receiver (Pioneer vsx-932)
- noting the issue of only being able to emulate front speaker outputs and not dedicated sub/lfe channel for Dolby Digital etc.

2) Purchase something similar to the mono channel amp linked below to passively power the sub speaker. Connected from the AVR LFE/sub output.
This would be the preferred option to make use of both stereo and coded audio.

My setup is a htpc, running into AVR receiver via HDMI. I'm running 2 channels via Klipsch Rm-500 series speakers and want to add the sub mostly for the movie/cinematic side of the system in regards to the level/quality of bass I require.

Possible amp solution:
Has low pass crossover setting and volume.

Any insight or alternate suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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@IWC Dopplel has done almost exactly this (although I think through choice and not through necessity). He built boxes for the BK sub amps and wired them up directly to the subs. As I understand it he was very happy with the outcome.

IWC Dopplel

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Yes very pleased an upgrade over the stock items and a real bargain IMO, I bought the £500W units, 1,000W peaks and huge transformers


Cinema Sub amps2.jpg

Naim CB 5.jpg

IWC Dopplel

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PS you could make any box if they don't fit win the existing sub 'hole', I have the drawings for these wooden items I have them CNC'd in veneered ply and simply glued and clamped then oiled

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