Reviews for new Pioneer Amps VSX-D1011 & D2011 ?

You could always try pioneer direct as the new brochure has all the latest models.

October seems to be the approx. release date, but anyone heard anything recent?




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Pioneer Belgium ships the 2011 as of ocotober 2002. The 2002-2003 Pioneer brochure (pdf) has the two models mentioned. The site mentiones the 2011 and 1011. List price on the 'continent' will be 1500 euro, but German etailers allready list them at 1250 euro. I read somewhere these models have variable crossover, but I still don't have any confirmation from Pioneer. Anyway, I suppose we are talking digital bass management here, so no use for DVD-A? Also 7x100W seems a bit low compared to e.g. the AVR-3802, but on the other side the Pioneer is a lot heavier. I don't know anything about the power supply.

Anyone else got some more information?


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Ravi 123

Theres if on both Pioneers on the D1011 is up for £600 and comes with Dolby Digital, DTS, THX ( Dolby ) EX, DTS ES, DTS ES Discrete 6.1, DTS 92/24, Dolby Pro Logic ll and Dolby Pro Logic......... Multi channel Acoustic Calibration, Semi Dot Matrix Display with FL Dimmer, On screen display, 192KHz/24bit DAC on all 8 Channels, Front Panel Door
8xanalogue pair inputs, 4xanalogue pair outputs, 2xDigital Opital Inputs/ outputs, 2x Digital Coxial inputs,
Stero Mode: 100 watts 2 channel - 6Ohms
Surroud Mode: 100 watts 7 channels - 6Ohms
Weight - 18.2kg

The D2011 specs are literally the same except for a few things

Most importantly its fine tuned by Air Studios who did the AX-10,
aslo comes Matrix 6.1 and USB connection to connect your PC.
Also comes with Automatic Acoustic Calibration Systems tests for the connection of the speakers, size (adjustment of large and small), mutual distance, adjustment of pressure value and timbre adjustments using a supplied microphone the same concepts as the AX-10. It literally has the same features the flagship model except for THX ultra 2 and it drives 150 watts RMS instead of 100 din with D2011.

Hope this helps - can't wait to listen to the D2011 to go with the 747A and Kef KHT 2005 ( 7.1 ) and REL Quake............:) :)


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Thanx for that Ravi 123, I'm looking forward to a demo of one of these myself. Was thinking of partnering it with the Gallos :cool:

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