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Oct 5, 2005
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Hi, i was wondering if anyone has managed to find any reliable reviews for LG Plasma TVs and Screens. I have searched a bit and have found sellers but can't seem to find reviews of the professional "Test and conclusion" kind. Some of the prices seem reasonable and I like the look but can't seem to find test reviews.

Possibly because LG as a search string is vague at best

Anyone had experience of LG as a TV manufacturer?



Yup...I have .....had 4 px11 42" tellys in less than a year, the 4th one has been for repair 4 times and has come back with a vastly infirior picture than before it went for repair the first time .
LG's own engineer has stated that the set is 'within manufacturers specifications'

Am awaiting a report from an independent tv retailer on the state of this set, as I wish to persue the matter in the county court if my retailer doesn't give me a full refund.

The new set's (have a look in Currys) look very nice (but they do have a multimedia pc running hi-def images via component inputs).

LG customer care is crap from my experience.
i have lg and have not had prob. read thru the very large lx42px11 thread
it seems to be u get either a great one or a crap one! i have reviews for my model which got great results. im guessing the latest ones are better?
I had the 42PZ44, the model before the PX11, and it developed a row of dead pixels down one side. Luckily I had an extended warranty and I am now getting it replaced for the Panasonic PV500 for just £70.

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