Review of the Pocket Amp 2 - Version 2



Received it this morning from - only 6 days to Scotland - pretty good. First impressions - VERY well made and solid. Undid the 2 screws at the bottom to put the batteries in, very neat and professional looking inside - this is clearly made by someone who cares about his work.

On to the sound... plugged in my Sony CX300 earphones first - huge difference - the overall sound seems much warmer and full somehow. These have had a 20 hour constant burn in and the difference the amp makes is very impressive.

Next tried my Beyer Dynamics - can't remember how long these have been burnt in - pretty long though. Again the sound and tonal quality is MASSIVELY improved with this amp. Everything sounds richer and somehow "more expensive", if you get my meaning.

For the price this is a superb bit of kit - actually forget about the price, it's a superb bit of kit full stop!

If you're unsure about investing in one, I promise you won't regret it. Cheers.

[EDIT] Tried to upload a picture within the size guidelines, but it's not showing - sorry.


Sorry, should have said - I was using my Sony HD5.

I set the audio output to line out for the amp - I'd been using the headphone ouput setting previously. The amp has mimimal effect if you try it on the headphone out setting.

All MP3 files were 320 - I don't using any other bit rate. Cheers.

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