Review of rear-pros at Comet, Greenwich


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Went there yesterday morning because I read on these forums it was one of the four places in the country I could see the 50" Sagem DLP rear-pro.

When I originally set out looking for a new TV nine months ago I concluded that a 50" DLP rear-pro was going to be the best option, which lead me to Samsung, who are apparently producing some outstanding sets, though for some reason the European equivalents of their US DLP TVs have LCD projectors instead of DLP. I ended up wanting the Samsung SP46L5HX, but when I saw the price was £3000 and the good reviews of Toshiba 51WH36 on this site I changed my mind and ordered that from Argos at half the price. Due to delays in delivery I was very ****** off, so set off to Greenwich fully prepared buy the Sagem for £2800 (and cancel the Tosh order afterwards.)

This store turned out to be the best shop for seeing rear-pros I've come across. They had six lined up in a row, at the right height, nearly all reasonably well set-up, compared to other shops I've been to. Only the Tosh. '23 had an unviewable picture (not properly tuned in.) and the RF feed was the least bad of the high street stores I've seen recenty.

On display were the Sagem, an LG CRT rear-pro, The LG DLP 21 model, Sony 44" with DRC (DX2U?) Toshiba 42WH36P and the Toshiba '23.

If I had to buy one of these based only on what my eyes saw in the shop, I would have bought the Sony. (I did notice some blue fringes, so it wins the competition despite not being properly converged!) The 42WH36P was at a slight disadvantage because its viewing mode was showing bigger black bars. The Sony seemed better even though I could see (when I looked for them) reflections in its glass screen the Tosh didn't have. (The Tosh seemed to have less contrast, but I think it had slightly brighter light falling on it, so that may not be fair.)

The two DLP sets seemed roughly as good as the Sony from a reasonable distance, but close up (the way I intend to watch) they both had a blocky quality to the picture - a bit like a plasma. I was quite suprised at this - I thought the 1280 by 720 resolution of the Sagem would be high enough for this not to be a problem. When I saw another digital rear-pro, the SP46L5HX at another store, it had a completely smooth picture so I don't believe the Sagem should look like this.

My conclusion is that the best out-of-the box TV is still the SP46L5HX, but if its blacks really are flawed then you would be better off with a 44" Sony or the Tosh WH36 and making sure they are converged properly. The Sagem with its 2000:1 (1500:1?) contrast ratio ought to be better for blacks than the Samsung, but I would rather have poor blacks 5% of the time with the Samsung than "blockiness" 100% of the time with the Sagem. I've decided to stick with the Tosh, given that people on these forums say it can be as good as the Sony, and because of its component inputs that I hope to use to feed a progressive scan signal from my Iscan Pro.

Later that same day I got a call from Argos saying delivery this Saturday - hope they don't let me down again. (They first phoned some weeks ago to arrange delivery on 5th April, which didn't happen.)

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can you confirm that the Sony you saw had DRC. If so what options were available. "normal DRC 50 & DRC 100" ?


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It definitely had DRC, can't remember if it was the front of the machine or the shop label that said so. I don't know what kind (I didn't know there was more than one kind.) The price was in the region of £1500. I think Comet or Currys also do one the same size without DRC for £999.

Also, though I'm not 100% sure I got the model number right, it was definitely a "2" model. I know there is supposed to be a "3" model coming out soon, so I checked to be sure it wasn't the new one.


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None of the current Sony RPTV's have DRC - if the shop has this on the label then they are wrong.

Only the old PS2 has DRC-MF ie 50Hz of 100Hz

The New PX3 due June 2004 will have Picture Power which is advanced DRC and will more than likely various 100 Hz options.

One of the New Sony 32" CRT's reviewed in this months Essential Home Cinema magazine has Picture Power processing and it gets a "best buy" in a shoot out with other TV's including plasma etc. Apparently this TV has various 100Hz options.

Looking good for the PX3 and with an estimated RRP of £1400 - I can't wait


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Just noticed DABS are advertising Sony KP-44PX3 for £1216. There is no info other than the price on their web site though.


Sony is probably good to buy if you know how to tweak it.

There isn't any information about how to get in to service mode on the Sony RPTVs and no really good documentation how to tweak them.

As RPTVs are very sensitive as there are many moving parts that can move during transport and so on i would have chosen a RPTVs that i know is tweakable easily, the Toshiba got excellent reviews and i got the 57" myself and the picture easily beats all sets on the market today after i tweaked it.

However when i received the Toshiba it didn't look as good, but now after all tweaks of the CRT guns and other things the picture is really outstanding.


was the Toshiba a one off or instore only item. The biggest screen size on their site is the 42" as far as I can tell

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