Review of Pod Point Home Charger


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We had our pod point charger fitted last week and the installer has done a really neat job. The cable goes from our electric cupboard straight out the wall into the back of the pod point charger. Zero visible outdoor cable run. We are very impressed by that.

The only problem is the charger doesn't work! I plugged it into the car and nothing happened. The light was green on the unit but the car wasn't charging. I reset the charger by flicking on and off the little consumer unit the installer fitted which then led the charger to start displaying a red light that flashes four times before going back to solid red.

We were also very disappointed to notice that the charger handle was all scratched up like it had been dragged on the ground. The main unit also has a number of scratches on it.

We contacted Pod Point on the day of installation and they told me that they changed some settings on the charger remotely and that we should try it again. So I plugged it in and it started charging for about 10 seconds before it cut out. Upon starting up the car today and the "Electric Vehicle System Warning Light" was illuminated. Luckily it seems that warning can come on if a charge is interrupted and the warning cleared after turning the car on and off again.

We phoned again and were told that our case would be passed on to the maintenance team. A week later and we are still waiting on a date for our dead on arrival charger to be fixed despite numerous phone calls, emails and tweets.

Our opinion on Pod Point is don't bother. Go somewhere else.



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I think like all things, you get good and bad installers. Mine has been happily charging away for the last 4 years without issue.


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Curious do Pod Point do their own installations or are they contracting out?
I can see the temptation to fit a refurb or worse returned unit if you have a quota for installs etc.
I know my parents had a long wait to get their charger because of a shortage of qualified electricians and parts.
All the same that's super shoddy and the OP is right to call out such a lousy service!


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Update: We finally managed to arrange a return visit to fix the charger. The original installer came out and fixed the problem, as well as replacing both the charging handle and the plastic casing of the main charging unit because of the scratches.

To be fair to Pod Point, in the end they righted the problem in a reasonable time frame. The problem was there was basically zero communication from them. We had to chase them every day just to book an appointment.

We are really pleased with the work the installer did but Pod Point need to sort out their customer service as it is really poor.



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