Review is completely wrong or..?


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Review is completely wrong or..?

Look here

Toshiba 20WLT56: "Connectivity initially looks exciting with a set of component video inputs. Crikey - could this TV actually support analogue HD playback? Indeed it can. We were soon playing the excellent condemned on our Xbox 360 at 720p"

I have the TV. The exact TV, the 20WLT56. I have the Xbox 360, with the cables triple checked and the switch set to 'HD'. But when I try 720p, the output is garbled with green lines and distortion. 480p is fine, and 1080i is no picture whatsoever. No difference between 50 and 60hz. This review (linked to from the Toshiba website) was one of the reasons I bought this TV, so what's going on?
First of all their comments are confusing - "could this TV actually support analogue HD playback?" - is there an LCD TV that can't? ...

Secondly, it sounds like you were unlucky and got a faulty one. If the TV has the HD Ready logo on it, 720p needs to work, so speak to your supplier.

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None of the sites I have seen about this mention HD ready or anything like that. Have you tried connecting it through the VGA connection? It might be that to get the higher resolutions it only works through VGA rather than component.


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It isn't HD-Ready because it lacks a digital input, but with component + the resolution, + the review explicitly mentioning 720p, it should work. I'm going to buy a VGA cable for the 360, I'm just intensely irritated at the misinformation in the review.



Have you got the noise reduction on? I have the 20WL56 (no digi tuner) using xbox 360 @720p over component and if noise red. is on display is garbled/noisy green as you describe. If on switch off.

Hope this helps

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