Reverting to older catalyst version - How?


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Does anyone know how to revert to an older version of the ATI Catalyst drivers? Version 4.3 is not switching resolutions correctly between the LCD monitor and PJ and am wondering if dropping back to a know stable version (3.7?) may fix it.

I tried just running the 3.7 .exe file and it said it installed and asked for a reboot but the About page still says version 4.3.



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start -> control panel -> add/remove programs

Then if i remember in the newer version (as in the one your using) theres a uninstall all ati products or something (this isnt there on older versions) if its not there just uninstall ALL of the ati products that a driver update would install ie display driver, hydrovision and control panel then reboot and install new version.

I tried doing it just uninstalling the display driver but it wouldnt work because of the other stuff in the driver package it would just stop at the hydrovision install so i just removed it all and it worked :)


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Thanks. Will give that a go tonight. Out of interest, why did you have the need to remove and reinstall. Monitor/Res switching problem like me?


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because with the new drivers it wouldn't let me get 1280x720 res the option would never come up unless i put the pj as deattatched then all resolutions ever possible are shown up and when i selected 1280x720 and reattatched the pj it would goto the previous options!! (Its kinda hard to describe without pics :) ) But older drivers allow 1280x720 and different res on each!!!

I only upgraded in the first place to play farcry but it works just as good wi the old ones :)

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I'd do a complete uninstall of everything ATI if i were you including the monitor resolutions.
Here's the instructions:


1. Go into the Control Panel and under the ADD/REMOVE SOFTWARE icon uninstall the ATI MultiMedia software and/or the ATI DVD software.

2. Uninstall the ATI drivers also found in the Add/Remove section. Once removed, it will prompt you to so.

3. When returning to windows, the NEW HARDWARE FOUND wizard will come up and will tell you that it has found a new VGA card and will prompt you for drivers. Hit CANCEL!

4. Now, go to START - SEARCH - FOR FILES OR FOLDERS and do a search for all files and folders using the filename ati*.*
This search will normally give you 3 to 4 files found in your c:/windows directory and subdirectories (including the Windows/System directory). Select these files and erase them. Now go to your Recycle Bin and Empty your bin.

5. Next...time to go to your Registry. Go to START -- RUN -- regedit

Here go to key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -- SYSTEM -- ControlSet001 -- Control -- Video . Here there should be 4 entries. 3 of them are default Windows XP entries and the 4th one is put in by the ATI drivers. Expand each one by one until you see ATI entries. Once found, erase the entire key.

Now repeat the same step above for the ControlSet002 key and the CurrentControlSet Key. Normally, whenever you erase a key in the ControlSet001, XP automatically deletes it in the CurrentControlSet section too. So if the ATI key is not found in the CurrentControlSet section, don't worry about it.
Once all keys are deleted, proceed to the next step.

6. While still in the registry, go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -- SOFTWARE section. Here you should find an ATI Technologies key. Select it and delete it. In that same section, look for an Installed Options key. Expand it and there you should find another ATI Technologies key. Select it and erase it.

7. Still in the registry, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -- Software and there you should find another ATI technologies key. Select it and erase it. Once all this is done, close the registry. the registry is now clean.

8. Close all windows and reboot.

9. When in windows after the reboot the NEW HARDWARE FOUND WIZARD will pop up again. Cancel that. Now find the new ATI drivers that you have downloaded and extracted and run the SETUP file. Once complete, reboot and you are done. You may want to reinstall your ATI MMC software and DVD software if you use them. DONE!

For all those who do not like going into the registry and rather have an easy to use program to do it for you, you can grab a nifty tool called "RegCleaner" here and it will do it for you without getting your hands dirty in the registry. Follow steps 1 through 4 as stated above, then run RegCleaner to do the rest. Once completed, follow steps 8 and 9 and you are DONE!


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