Reverb G2 Special offer.


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Hello, Mike!

Just a quick heads up that we have a Coupon Voucher Code running this week for the HP Reverb G2 headset with controllers. If you apply this code REVERBG2-£50 at checkout it will reduce the sell price to £545.

These are in stock ready to ship. Use the Coupon code this week only on our site now

If you have questions or wish to contact us please email [email protected].

The SystemActive team

for interest... and just in my opinion, owning both headsets.........
For most people I think as an entry into VR and considering the price the Quest 2 is probably the best VR headset to buy as an all rounder...... however the Reverb G2 does have some significant advantages (and some disadvantages) which means for some people the G2 will be the better bet. Its a lot of headset for the money, the image quality is superb!., it is comfy and the sound is good too.... for general thoughts however best look in the relevant threads..
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Presuming Ed

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Aargh! I'm tempted!

But it's not compatible with SteamVR hardware, right? So neither it nor the controllers would be tracked by the base stations?

I'm tempted, it's a great price, but maybe there's not enough advantage over the Index. I certainly wouldn't ditch the Index for it (controllers, tracking etc are probably a bit better) - so maybe the Reverb would just be for sim racing and cockpit stuff, but maybe also I can't be bothered with trying to manage 2 headsets on the same PC!


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You are correct it does not use external lighthouse boxes it uses inside out tracking like the rift/quest (but not quite as good)
I don't have an index so take with a pinch of salt, but I highly doubt the jump, even where it is better, would be worth the outlay and the hassle to be worth owning both, and I am convinced it is not worth replacing an index with a G2. Imo save your cash and wait for something next gen.
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image quality it is better..... significantly better.??? i would say yes but that said i think the image quality of the quest 2 is pretty good..

FOV however is slightly complicated story. its all head shaped dependent but for me out of the box using the supplied G2 faceplate the FOV is slightly smaller than the Q2.... .taking out the faceplate and replacing with a samsung odyssey face cover then the FOV is larger than the Q2.

its still not huge however and is the biggest weakness of the G2 headset. (biggest weakness over all compared to quest 2 is the controllers and controller tracking is not quite as good)

If you have a quest 2 and want better sound and visuals then the G2 is worth investigating.

If however it is the FOV which irritates you about the Q2 then the G2 may be better skipped.

its a shame there is still not an affordable consumer VR headset which ticks all the boxes but this is still where we are at..... its about finding which compromises bug you least.

I would say G2 if you already have a Q2 is a try before you buy and not a blindly jump in purchase.


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I think if we had a consumer VR headset and controllers that ticked all the technical boxes it would be unable to tick the price box. Everything is a compromise as you say.

BTW, how does the Odyssey cover fit the G2? My brother who I gifted a G2 is not too enthused with its FoV.


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You take out the entire faceplate . Fit some strips of velcro along the plastic of the headset then put the other side of the velcrow of the vrcover pillow and basically the. Push it on. It works well and is comfy . This gives (for me, head shapes may vary) the absolute max FOV (I can just see the panel edged if I really concentrate). The vrcover pulls off and the original full faceplate still fits on.

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