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Hi all.

I'm looking for a pair of white "M" stands for my Revel M105's I'm currently trying out. There seems to be a shortage of stock everywhere for these?

If I get no joy sourcing them, can anyone recommend a good quality alternative? Wil I need to mass load them?



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Looks like I won't have much luck eh... :(


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Do you have a link to the Speakers and the Stands?

How much money are you willing to spend?

What are your floors made of and what are the covered with?

Is there anything special about your room that might interfere with certain types of Speaker Stands?

Other than the Stands being white and the ability to Mass Fill, are there any other requirements? For example, how tall would you like the Stands to be?

You cay you are just trying out the Rega speakers, seems a bit bold to buy stands for speakers you are not committed to keeping. Though the stands will work for just about any bookshelf speaker.



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Hi Steve.

Here is a link to the speakers:

And here are the stands :

They are becoming quite a rarity it would seem.

My floors are concrete with 11mm underlay and thick carpet. Wall are typical plasterboard with insulation behind and wallpaper over top.

Ceiling is plastered and textured.

Room is 4.9 x 3.8 x 2.9m L/W/H and the speakers will be less than 500mm from the front wall and the right speaker will be close to a side wall. Left speaker is open to the room. There is no changing the position.

I currently own Spendor A7 but they go too low and exite a nasty room mode at 40hz that even ARC struggles with. It adds almost 20db! Tried stuffing the "flow port" which drops it by 10db but it changes the character of the speakers too much.

Want the tweeter at ear height so around 950mm.

Nothing in room that will interfere with stands.....


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Thinking a nice bookshelf that rolls off nice and early to defeat that room mode. My two BK XXLS400's will deal with the bass as I have them running nice and flat at 14hz onwards with a minidsp 2x4hd.

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