Question Reuse Mordaunt Short 409W


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I had a Mordaunt Short 409W sub, the amp died on it and a brought another on ebay. Old one was clipping before it died and ebay one is clipping, so I left both in corner of the room for years now. Before I go and do something drastic as thowing them away or selling can I cheaply fix them or just one?

As far as I know I would take the amps off and fill in the hole so I could run them off an external amp I can put by my receiver.

Im not sure what amp to use for just one sub or if spend little more run both subs. Drivers are 10" 8ohm with 200w amp. I dont know budget but upto 350 for both otherwise id buy a BK200 10" 275w sub.



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Bk electronics do plate amps have a look on their web site.
Or just bin them and try a bk Gemini 2 they are cheap enough

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