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Returns,now that stock is in shops.WHY?

Bri Unk

Standard Member
I have been putting up with a 360 that scratches discs(it's ruined 5 so far)and I've been advised to get in touch with Microsoft to get a replacement.I was thinking though,now 360's seem to be "In Stock" in the shops,can't I just take it back to the shop and demand a swap right there as it's a faulty product and therefore not have to be without my beloved machine for days(weeks!)while MS boffins prod it with sticks.

p.s. before I get twenty replies telling me not to move my box while I'm playing games....I DONT! It wrecked Madden after 20 minutes of play and the Box has been in the same position since the day I got it.(lied flat too)


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noikz said:
They're sold with a direct to manafacturer warranty, they will tell you call MS.

The Sales of Goods act will cover him from the distributor though. It clearly is not working as intended and is thus their responsibility to give him either an exchange or a refund.

matt bellamy

Standard Member
The shop HAVE to sort it for you. Do a bit of research before you go to the store an argue from a legal perspective (here's a good website).

I once bought an iriver h320 mp3 player from amazon and after 8 months it broke. They said they wouldn't refund me but after one letter from my lawer brother I got my £230 back and bought a 20gb ipod for £205:D .

Good luck


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I remember taking my original xbox back to game manys year ago;) They told me then you have 3 months on hardware, that can be taken back to the store for a replacement!!

Pretty sure it will be the same with the 360 :cool:

Give it a go, what do you have to lose!!



Deleted member 92943

MS Support Told me that if i didn't want to return it to them then i have the RIGHT to return it to the store of which i bought it. This time was GAME.

They said they would repplace the machine no problem as soon as they got some in stock. I would have done that rather than send it back to MS who might not give you a new machine but the same covered in scratches
MS turned around my 360 in five days!

The generally excepted "reasonable time" for electrical goods to be returned for full refund as set by previous cases is 28 days, after this point the shop can legally (well without fear of legal action against them) exchange, refund or repair at their whim...if you ask nicely and the sales droid is in a good mood you may be OK but you are relying on their goodwill - some shops / managers have a more undertsanding policy so good luck!

If it was me I would ship it to MS with a scratched disk as proof.


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jim_is_ere said:
I remember taking my original xbox back to game manys year ago;) They told me then you have 3 months on hardware, that can be taken back to the store for a replacement!!

According to the DTI Site:

• If a consumer chooses to request a repair or replacement, then for the first six months after purchase it will be for the retailer to prove the goods did conform to contract (e.g. were not inherently faulty)

This would seem to me that the retailer is responsible for the replacement or repair of the equipment for its entire expected lifetime up to 6 years (5 in Scotland). The warrenty on the XBOX is 1 year so that is the expected lifespan I would immagine, therefore the shop should by your choice repair or replace the item. After 6 months however it is your responsibility to demonstrate to them that the item is not performing according to specification.

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