Returning to the Gym and membership price increase


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I'll try keep this short but I'm just looking for the general consensus or opinion/advice as I think this is unreasonable but I'm open to having my mind changed.

I got a special deal from my gym last year, it was basically a pay for 1 year, get 2 extra years free membership, £300 up front all paid up.

So the gym has now reopened with a new door entry system but I am now being asked that in order to register my fingerprint for the new door entry system I would need to set up a £10 per month direct debit to cover the costs of the extra cleaning and equipment put in place due to covid.

I said I couldn't really afford the extra at the moment as much as I want to support my local gym money is tight and I just assumed my membership was covered as already paid for. I was told not really it's an unexpected event and to keep the gym running they have to ask this of all returning and new members to cover costs.

Not really sure what to do or if there is anything I can do. Cannot find my terms and conditions at the moment just my receipt from signing up


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Hi will need to refer to the contract unfortunately. The contract should outline the circumstances when the gym can increase the price, by how much they can increase the cost, how much notice they have to provide and how to communicate that price increase to you

The contract would not include specific reference to Covid 19 of course so it depends on how the contract defines circumstances that would permit a price increase

Is a membership contract available on the website?

Maybe someone here goes to the same gym and can help

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