Returning QE55QN95A need a suggestion for its replacement.


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Hi all, I'm long time lurker first time posted! I got a new Samsung QE55QN95A this week and it will be returned tomorrow :(. The HDMI signal would drop for 2-3 seconds every so often (like 5-6 times a day) and when you have just paid close to 2k for a TV that was more than disappointing. Some googling seemed to indicate this is a known issue with no fix and so after some time spent with Samsung support I opted to return it for refund.

I was also quite disappointed with the performance of the TV for sport. For the Grand Prix in UHD with the motion blur settings on the on screen information showing the order and time splits etc would ghost from time to time. Found a few other posts about this and the fix was to switch off all the motion blur settings which did fix that issue but then I didn't feel the picture quality was great for the fast moving action.

For football in HD when the image was from the stands looking over the pitch players didn't look sharp and you could see a kind of blurring of the shadows and some pixelating around them when they where running.

Over all quite disappointing.

I felt UHD HDR films from the Sky Q box looked really good and was more than happy in that area. Though UHD HDR via Netflix and Disney+ apps on the Sky Q box looked a little grainy.

Any way its going back tomorrow and so my search starts again. So I'm looking for some suggestions. £2k is the top of the budget but happy to come under that. I want a 55inch model or maybe a size down (we sit 2m away from the TV). We watch everything via Sky Q box. We do have an Xbox One that will be upgraded to an Xbox X in the future though its for fun not serious gaming. We watch Sport and Films but I think I want to prioritise the sport performance. I'd like it to support HDR. We use a Sonos Arc sound bar.

I'm looking at the moment towards maybe the LG C1 OLED (still need to research it more). Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated?


If you want better motion look at Sony's or Philip's OLEDs. No need to spend top dollar on a new 2021 model. Go for a 2020 one and save some cash instead.

If OLED isn't suited, for instance because you will be at risk of burn in. Then the Sony XH9505 is a good alternative if you can still find one.

Grain is very normal btw, on all TVs.


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If OLED isn't suited, for instance because you will be at risk of burn in. Then the Sony XH9505 is a good alternative if you can still find one.
I've read your article about burn in made me smile. I'm fairly sure we are not at risk.

Grain is very normal btw, on all TVs.
OK that's good to know. I think when you have some small issues then you start to see issues even when they might not be issues. :facepalm:

You could get a 65 cx for well under £2000 or a 55 cx for a grand
Yeah think 65 is to big for the room but I will defo take a look at the 55CX thanks.

Currently researching:
Sony BRAVIA KE55A8BU - £1299
LG OLED55CX5LB - £1185
LG OLED55C14LB - £1530
LG OLED55G16LA - £1800
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I have the 65 sony a8 its a very good tv for film and sport but no 2.1 for gaming if thats important to you


If I were you I'd go with the Sony A8, or if you want to wait for its price to come down the new A80J.

The LGs aren't bad TVs, but people tend to rate Sony's motion better, that may be important to you since you're already returning a TV for its motion.

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