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Been away from sky for about 12 months now and they keep trying to tempt me back. Managed to resist so far but as i have a new shiny 3d TV I thought I would bite at the latest offer to hit the mat.:)

Its the 12 months half price deal, however i have an issue in that I cancelled last time because my box was dead. It therefore went in the bin, along with the viewing card.:rolleyes:

So, question is what do I do? Plead poverty with Sky and attempt to get some kind of discount on an HD box, or can i go down the 2nd hand box and card route?

Any advice would be much appreciated.:thumbsup:


They're giving you a 12 month half-price deal of Sky World?!
Snap it up is the first thing to do.
They're giving away receivers to all and sundry right now, so even though you have the great subscription offer, go for one of those as well.
You can even watch the 3D channel then, if hours of men playing ball is your thing. :D
Cards belong to Sky so there isn't a secondhand route for those, and you don't need a secondhand receiver when you can get a free new one.
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It's nothing special for me, its just a leaflet thru the door thing.

Spoke to them and they won't budge on the standard fee for an hd box but said there was no issue with getting a 2nd hand box and either getting a new card or reactivating an old one.


OK - it's the first report we've had of anyone getting it - is it actually half price on the full SkyWorld with HD?
How much are they wanting to charge you for a new receiver, the 500gB or the 1.5tB?
If it does come to you having to buy one separately there are usually some on the AVF Selling forum.
Sky would provide a new card for it of course, with your new subscription.


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I've had this offer in the post today, and I cancelled sky only a few months ago. Its a half price subscription whatever package you choose. The only things that don't qualify for the discount are the HD pack and multi room. It states that it's dependent on you still having the dish and box, otherwise setup and equipment fees apply.

It's annoyed me as I'm actually tempted to return to sky! :D

Shame the HD pack isn't half price though...


Same recommendation as post #2. :thumbsup:

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