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Not sure if this is the correct forum or not but her goes -
Last week I purchased a QLED Samsung Tv costing £1700 plus a wall bracket for £129. At the time of purchase I requested a bracket that would tilt due to the height of the TV when mounted. I was duly sold a bracket dedicated to the TV I bought. However, when I open the box it became obvious the bracket was a “no gap” version which would be useless to me. I returned to the store and asked could I swap this bracket for a much more expensive one and pay the difference. No problem except the manager insisted I pay a 15% return charge and upon pointing out this was not what I ordered he offered to reduce this to 10% and eventually made no charge at all after much complaint. It took 2 hours in store for the original purchase as their iPad was not working properly, then a credit check was car ride out, understandably, and came back as a 999 reading so excellent. This all took so long to do I ran out of time on my 2 hours parking ( which was never reimbursed in store ).
I found the attitude of the manager a bit like “ sorry can’t help” and then he carried on talking to some rep with his colleagues. Interestingly, they were all so pleasant when I was buying but not really interested after even though it was not my fault. I will think twice before purchasing again.


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Fair enough, but they did sort it in the end.

Vote with your feet but people (we are talking about real people) do have off days!

Maybe I'd feel different if they hadn't swapped it!


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They did sort it in the end but it was the attitude of after sales and also taking 2 hrs to complete an in house purchase which I think is pretty poor. Plus the fact that if I’m not supplied with what I requested in store why should I pay to return it.
Totally agree that people have off days but not impressed with some staff’s attitude.
I will no doubt order more products in future but somebody needs to ‘ have a word’ with some staff. I have let these comments be known elsewhere and await a reply from customers services.

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