Returned Samsung SR275M - What now?


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As per title, I had a Samsung SR275m but was not impressed for several reasons. Firstly, the picture quality was really soft (both HDMI and scart on Sony 32" LCD) on all inputs. Recordings were not fantastic either.

Had a JVC DRM10 before and picture was excellent (s-vid) - Although it was unreliable and half of most recordings would fail - was returned for repair many times.

What would you recommend? I've got my eye on either Panasonic DMREZ27 or the Sony HXD890B?

It would be a bonus using DVD-Ram (which the sony cant do) but the Hard Disk in the Sony maybe very useful. Although Im not sure if I like the idea of the Sonys early morning download routine!

The priorities for the recorder would be...

Really good / sharp / detailed picture (no blur or softness)
DV in
Most recordings made from RGB scart (Virgin Media)

Anybody used both? I think Im edging towards the sony (but it is a bit more cash)

Many Thanks :)


the hard disk drive machines are definitely the way to go , so the sony 890 or 995 , or the panasonic ex78 or similar machine
( or pioneer or maybe toshiba equivalents )

I use the sony x70 models myself and they are top quality

as for the overnight update , I stick a clock timer on the mains power plug on my bedroom modified sony 770 and so it is depowered from say 0100 am to 0900 am daily , with no problems and has been for about 12 months or so

I definitely cannot recommend any dvd recorder without a hdd inside it , no messing with tapes or disks , plenty of storage space , easy editing before dubbing to dvd

if you do decide on a sony 890 or 995 , you will be happy with it , and I am sure one of the hdd/dvd panasonics would also do the job admirably


Hi all, just joined...
I read your comments and while I agree with the Sony and Panasonic, I must recommend ALL Philips models.

I've been using them since their Mark1 machines and must say that (while you're not getting DVD-RAM capabilities), they really impress when it comes to build and picture quality.

Also, an added bonus is if you record to DVD+R discs on Philips, they'll automatically biset them as DVD-ROM thereby making recordings fully backwards compatible with all DVD players.

Philips get a lot of stick online but, honestly, if you stick to top brand blank media, you'll get results.

And no, I don't work for them. I've just been impressed with their quality.

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