Returned Philips 50FD9955 & purchased Panasonic TH50PV500

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by Pattaya Dave, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    I am a new member to the forum, living in Pattaya, Thailand and this is my first post. About 2 weeks ago I purchased a closeout 50" Plasma, Philips model 50FD9955. I liked the design of the Philips, large screen, small bezel, mounts close to the wall and a separate tuner in model FTR 9965 that accepts all inputs and feeds a single VGA cable to the Plasma. The separate tuner processes cable signals better than the built-in tuner in my 42" high resolution, HD ready LG model RT-42PX12X. Sounds good so far, right! As I said, the picture quality is good until you turn the lights out in my Home Theater room then the screen brightens up in the black areas washing out most of the detail. I have continuously compared the Philips to my LG, using the same video material. The black areas in the picture displayed on the Philips continues to look washed out no matter how I adjust the brightness and contrast controls while the blacks on the LG, with 5000:1 contrast ratio remain deep with good detail. I began to look for threads on the Internet pertaining to the Philips 50FD9955. I didn't't find very much, however I did find this forum and have read many, mostly bad posts, concerning the Philips models in general especially those utilizing the ALIS screen technology. At the same time, I have read many good reviews on others models, Hitachi, Pioneer and most of all, Panasonic. Panasonic struck my interest because there was much positive discussion of their black levels. Of course, this struck a positive note in my mind.
    To make a long story short, the local electronics store, in the last week, just began to stock the Panasonic PV-500 models. In Thailand, I believe it is the PV-500H models with 2 component inputs and lack of scart inputs. The dealer let me trade-in the Philips, unfortunately at a 500 US dollar loss. As in the US and UK, there is no consumer protection laws in Thailand so the dealers don't have to take any item back for return. They also only have a 1 year warranty. Extended warranties are unheard of. I have also been reviewing the prices of PV-500's on this forum and I am shocked as to how cheap they are as compared to the purchase price here in Thailand. My purchase price was 7,500 US dollars, 4,500 in British pounds. I had to pay a premium of 3,200 US dollars, 1900 British pounds to make the swap.
    I hope the improved black levels and overall picture quality and reliability of the Panasonic PV-500 over the Philips model will be worth the extra expense. The 50" PV-500 will be delivered tomorrow morning. I will post my impressions of the PV-500 once it has been setup and running for a bit.
    For now, I would appreciate any thoughts and comments anyone who has read this thread. Did I do the right thing?

    Pattaya Dave
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    Jul 26, 2001
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    Oh Yeah! :)

    Let us all know what you reckon mate!

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