Returned camcorder - SO - what camcorder do i get now? budget £300 - £500


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Researched my last panasonic camcorder HC VXF 1 4k ( no features for the 4k mind you ), less than impressed, developed fault, goodbye!

SO, i still want a camcorder - not a fan of carrying around mobiles etc one of the few i know - homeuse, nothing special but in past i do like to edit videos etc and make effort, eg the focus ring always would be keen for a decent enough model.

Im reluncant to buy Panasonic again, always had panasonic camcorder back to the 80s...i go at a Sony early 2000 and i was less than impressed.

But, times change. Thoughts welcome.

4k or not 4k...well..seeing as 8k is here etc etc...but if it is to be 4k ( and i know the price jumps up ) whats the point when in editing it goes down to 1080p anyway! also, 4k in features worked etc manual annoying the messages 'doesnt work in 4k mode'...having to always go for lower anyway.


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My alternative would be a Canon. I had a tape based HV20 years ago and it was a good camera. I worried about the tape mechanism wearing so I changed to SD card based cameras.


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Canon ..ok..well ive been looking at a few and canon does crop up a fair bit. One thing i would like to have - is a larger chip...cant recall..but basically the larger the chip it means the further back you can pull the focus..i.e. allows you to focus on subject and the background goes all blurry.

I would of thought this day/age would of been standard..but no..even my panny couldnt do it..research suggested that it had a 'larger' chip perhaps..and from a considerable distance was able to do it...but really..a camcorder with this facility. But aware, more expensive models and really even paying £600 for the last one was too much.

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