Return my Pana PV600?

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Well, basically, I'm one of those with major problems making my mind up :rolleyes: Been looking for a new TV for 2 years and finally took the plunge with the PV600, mostly due to the extremly nice PQ even in the store. However, it's not particularly good on analog SD feed, I'm worried sick when looking at text and letter-box movies. Have a 4 year old DVD-player which aparently leaves a lot to wish for but that can and will be replaced anyway (tried a 2 year old Sony DVD player, bought at the time for about £130 with progressive comp output and my god it looked soooo sweet! Don't need HD when DVD looks this good). So problem is:
1. There's only an analog receiver, useless and the 2000 pages of text is thus also useless. Perhaps not an major issue, but a small thing that annoys me.
2. Wife needs to have the lights on, which makes the picture a bit dull, but I think it is solved once I turn brightness and contrast up from the 50% recommended for the first 200hours or so.
2. Fans are audiable, sitting about 2.5m from the set and when the house is quiet I can clearly hear them (with sound turned down to not wake "anyone" up). A bit of a problem since if theres not supposed to be any sound I want it quiet.
3. Same goes for a high-frequency noise which changes with the light of the picture, bright picture, more noise. This is really the major problem. It's sort of cuts in my head when I start to hear this noise.
So are these problems I will need to live with, or is there somthing wrong with my set? Been thinking of replacing it with a Philips CRT 9551 (at least HD-ready) for a couple of years and get something bigger when HD is a reality. But not sure, sort of got used to the size and with digital feed I expect it to be as with the progressiv DVD-player? I'm sure the CRT will look as good with DVD and digital SD, if nothing else it will at least do it due to a 12" smaller screen...... Why does it need to be so difficult making decisions? It is a lot of cash to part from as well....


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It is a lot of money for something you are not happy with.

If you are really not bothered by the hd aspect of the set you could always consider one of the panny PD range which are cheaper, fanless and, if mine is a fair example, do not suffer from the high frequency noise that you describe.

Mine is also poor with an analogue feed but is great with the inbuilt freeview and sky.

If it is going to be used in a bright room most of the time you may want to consider an lcd instead though.


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Well I have to say hand on heart the only time I ever hear the fans is when I turn the t.v. on and that is before the picture and sound start up. My Sky+ fan is noisier and even that takes some hearing so perhaps you are over sensitive to noise? As for this high frequency noise I haven't a clue what you are talking about. Picture settings - I set mine to normal on day one and that's the only setting I have touched, contrast still up around 80% etc. never had any form of screen retention or burn and I have had two panny plasmas now and neither have suffered any ill effects. Is there a reason you are not using the inbuilt Freeview tuner or Sky (are you living abroad etc?)

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Well, only time I hear the fans is when I turn the sound down and every thing else is quiet. The high frequency noise... if it was a CRT I would have said its related to the lines, think thats a 16kHz repetition (or there abouts)? But you really don't hear it? Think the salesman said it was the power supply with the inductors causing the noise, which sounds reasonable, but I don't think a set as expencive as this should have any problem with it. Porly designed supply in that case and shame on the designer! And I am very picky sadly, especially when it comes to the amount of money like this so perhaps all is good anyway? just me expecting too much?

Reason not using the built in Freeview is, no, I'm not UK (receiver is thus teh old analog one only). And the analog system is shut down within a year which is why the text-part is useless as well. Also a reason waiting a year or two.

As for not being bothered with HD, well, I am. It's just if progressive fed SD looks this good, why would anyone want more? It's breathtaking! So give me some HD ASAP!

Edit: I had a look at a test-pattern with the 50% settings, took perhaps 5 minutes and could clearly see the retention of it, next time the picture went black it was gone though.
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