retuning technika LCD37-207

andrea patrick

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Can anyone help me please with autotuning the above TV - I have 2 of these TVs and cannot get either of them to retune. If I go onto the digital TV and go onto set up - there is no option to retune - on the analogue there is an option and I can retune the analogue stations but not the digital ones . Both TVs are the same . I have tried Tesco electrical helpline and they think the tuner is broken but it seems too weird that both Tvs would be the same . Any ideas please - I am tearing my hair out with this


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Not familiar with the set, but is there not an option in the set-up menu for "First Time Install" or something similar - it's very unlikely that it would use the phrase "retune".


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Hi Andrea, I'm having exactly the same problem with my 17" Technika LCD TV. Did you find a way of installing freeview as I've tried every button on the remote and it looks like the only option I have left is to return it to Tesco?



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No but it has a FUNCTION and MENU button.

I've just pressed the FUNC button and with the arrows I've selected SET UP which has the logo of a rotating wheel.Through this you can restart the set up and choose an option to install again.

Unfortunately, mine only found 5 channels - I guess I need to re-direct my aerial to receive freeview in this area!?


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Unfortunately, mine only found 5 channels - I guess I need to re-direct my aerial to receive freeview in this area!?
That is symptomatic of using an analogue TUNER and not a digital one. It's UNlikely to be to do with which way the aerial is pointing. I don't know the TV model itself, but it's (pretty much) always the case that analogue setup (tuning) and digital setup (tuning) are TWO SEPARATE processes and you have only done one of them. You will only need to change your aerial if you explicitly do a digital setup and it finds nothing.


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A friend of mine purchased a small screen Technika TV, don't know the model number. Although the remote gave the impression that there was a digital option we could never tune it. In the end the dealer agreed with us that the set was analogue only. It went back for exchange.


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I would assume that what you have is the digital radar picture greyed out when you try to tune the TV.
This means that the TV is useless for receiving digital stations.
What to do is contact Tesco customer care and advise them that the radar symbol is greyed out,they will then send you a form,after they've received it they'll contact you and offer a monetary compensation but no repair,you also keep the TV.Best to take the money then buy a cheap digi freeview box with a scart lead and voila!,you now get all channels.:thumbsup:
p.s.this has nothing whatsoever to do with aerials etc.,the tuner has "burned" out.
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