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Is it just me, or does modern gaming not have the spark that the retro gaming of the 90's had? I do enjoy the odd game on my 360 but they're more like movies, you watch more than you play! I probably look forward to about 3 or 4 games a year nowadays, in the 90's I was holding my breath 24-7 for the next big game! And wasn't it more fun when there was more than 2 big names to choose from?! We had, sega, Nintendo, atari, snk, the pc engine and more. Today we have Xbox or playstation... We had gameboy, gamegear, lynx, neo-geo pocket. Today we have 3ds... Or am I just showing my age and getting miserable??


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No, I agree, you can't beat retro gaming. Which is why I play my SNES and Gameboy more than the XBOX 360 and Wii. M<aybe it's the music, or the simple graphics or the memories associated with playing those games at certain times of your life, but for me, retro always wins over modern. That's not to say I don't like modern, far from it, but retro just gives me that special feeling inside that modern can't give, it gets close sometimes, but no cigar!


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It's all about gameplay. It's pretty much gone now, it's about the visuals now. How REAL you can make it look. Don't game designers realise that visuals don't make a game engaging? I had more fun the other week playing a simple tank game on an atari 800 with my brother than i would have playing call of duty. Older games were more challenging and required skill. Newer games just don't come close. I find it hilarious that people buy a ps3 or xbox and then play sonic or streets of rage on it :)


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I'm surprised SNK or SEGA haven't launched a retro style cartridge system, think it'd be a big hit amongst retro enthusiasts.


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I' ve commented elsewhere before that I do feel that a lot of game makers now are sacrificing gameplay, storyline and such for top end graphics. Today we have amazing eyecandy that makes out jaws drop with realism but they just don't have the replayabilty nor the transfixing storylines or gameplay of previous titles.

As an example, I have picked up a few games this year, Skyrim, Deus Ex amongst them and loved them both, utterly stunning and good fun but I doubt I will ever play them again now i've finished them. However I picked up the PC re-release of FFVII the other day and played it through for about the 50th time and loved it, i might even play it again next week, its just consuming to the point that I want to run through again.

One of my favourites of yesteryear are the Ultima series, I remember getting Ultima V on a set of 5 1/4" discs and it took me and a mate about 2 weeks of solid play to finish it, I just dont think we will see the likes again.

Don't get me wrong, I love some of the games out at the moment but I just wish more emphasis was put on things other that how pretty it looks


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Good point well made. As much as I enjoyed max payne 3 etc, they're more like movies these days with a bit of gameplay In Between! Just found a retro Game shop and for about £15 I got sonic 2, kid chameleon, mega games 2, devil may cry 2 and max Payne 2 and I reckon I'll get more fun out of that little lot than any modern game for twice the price
Love that YouTube clip. I love both modern and retro games, and i was playing Toejam and Earl the other day with a mate.
Both of us commented on how it seems most modern games are easier to complete, with the infinite number of save/checkpoint options you can just keep on trying until you get it right.

I remember the first time i got to the last Dr. Robotnik fight on Sonic 2. Had 2 lives left, and knowing that if i faulted i had to go back to the start, meant i was concentrating SO hard!

Iv lost count of the number of times i have played the older Lucas Arts games, Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle etc....

Yet with something like Heavy Rain/LA Noire, played them once and not picked up again. Strange!


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Very true, there's not much replay value on modern games, I've kept red dead redemption and max payne 3 and thought, "I won't trade these in because I'll play them again" but I haven't. Yet I can pop streets of rage in the good old mega drive any time and play for hours! And agree whole heartedly on the whole lives/continues issue. You actually felt proud of clocking games back in the day as it took so much effort to do it!
When i moved from ps2 to ps3i had so many ps2 games that were with 50p. I promised myself that i would determine which games were keepers and which were traders.
So i kept my favourite ps2 games (GTA San Andreas is my favourite game ever)

And i now decide which ps3 games im likely to replay in the future.... Keeps the collection down.

I have kept a few ps2 consoles as i know i will continue to use them more regularly than my other retro consoles.


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Course it's also about the game type, arcade type games are always going to bring about more replay value than platformers and adventure games, there are a few noteworthy exceptions but most reasons for replay revolved around the fact that they could dish up a random challenge instead of a set piece.

On the retro front :-

For an arcade pinball experience check out

Slamtilt (Amiga 1200)

Or :-

Dragon's fury/Devil's crush (Megadrive)

For some random (if you fart around on the map a bit) rpg type replay value :-

Final fantasy tactics (Playstation 1)

And the only rpg which i have completed at least 3 or 4 times, it was that good imo. :-

Terranigma (Snes)

Course once again it's also personal choice :smashin:

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