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My Dads 16 year old hifi has finally given up , having not bought one of these since 90s I have no idea what to get. Had a quick look and have no idea of the brands quality so looking for some pointers please. He has no use for bluetooth just a retro stack with turntable , cd player minimum, tape deck and radio if poss.


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Is he inclined to keep any of the components in the current (broken) system? For example, if he likes the speakers and they still work, then that would help. Likewise, if he likes the current turntable perhaps a new stylus woud bring it back to life?

Or is it a completely new setup that's needed?


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I’m assuming it was one of the all in one moulded plastics type hifis that we’re prolific in the 90s rather than a separate component for each job?


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For four hundred quid for a separates stack with all you need it would be necessary to buy used stuff.

The only way I can see to do it new for anywhere close to budget is with this offer from richer sounds.

And add a used CD player; this or something similar.

That would get the basics sorted, adding an inexpensive tuner would be next.

These are still as good as it gets for FM (assuming DAB is not required?)



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@newbie265 - Had a similar issue a few years back. If like my parents he’s not accustomed to changes your better off checking out the local charity shops Facebook marketplace and eBay for something of a similar age and design. You’ll simply not get a modern “stack system”

Something like this ?

Or if you want new Panasonic do a series of micro hifi’s from around £120. Check out John Lewis
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Sorry for delay , thanks all for your input, he is not bothered about tape deck , turntable, amp and Cd will be fine , ideally an input to run blu ray and tv sound through for his concert dvds, blu ray.
Radio is just an option not that bothered


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You can still find so called stacking systems as cheap (and probably dodgy) imports from the far east with brands you will have never heard of for under 400 an Amazon/Ebay but personally I would touch them with a barge pole.

For some decent and likely to function for more then five minutes and/or not sound awful, probably best off looking over bundles of receivers + speakers and/or mini systems from the like of Peter Tyson and others if after new, but you will likely have to stretch well over 400 for a complete new system by the time you add a turntable.

About the only combo of a mini system + TT that in this kind of price range (still quite a bit more by the time you add a TT) is probably Denon D‑M41DAB mini hifi system (CD, FM, DAB and an input I think). Add another 120-150 for a turntable from Audio Technica, Denon etc with a built in phono pre-amp. There may be similar mini systems from Yamaha, Marantz and others, but will still be same problem - need a separate turntable.

There are some all-in-ones with a turntable instead of CD (Project Juke box or whatever it is called), so then opposite problem applies and need to find a separate CD player. I would expect convenience of CD player on the same remote and a separate TT would be more convenient to use than all in one with a TT and a separate CD player.

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