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Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by lpoolm, Aug 19, 2017.

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    So I decided to try a little hobby and put a few gaming vids on YouTube and gifs on twitter (more to be added)
    I'm trying something different, I have updated the teams in sensible world of soccer with current players and I plan to play the big game from each forthcoming week to get a result prediction.
    I'm not expecting this to be a "big" thing, it's more for fun but would appreciate if my nice fellow avforumers could take a look, maybe subscribe?
    I plan on making a few gifs too, not just swos but other iconic retro games, but maybe not so mainstream, i.e. Stay away from the mario/sonic etc more along the lines of the lesser parallel games.
    I loved the Amiga and plan on using this as my main source of videos but would look at other consoles.
    Any feedback/requests is welcome. As I've said it's fun, I will do as long as I have time and if people are watching but as I am playing these games why not record them too...
    Below is the YouTube video to my intro, I hope to get a premier league game up and ready for next weekend.
    Premier league predictions using sensible...

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