retro-fitting cruise control


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Does cruise control actually improve a cars MPG ?

I can get it fitted to my car for a very reasonable price with genuine VAG parts, but is it worth it?

Driving sensibly for 130 miles last week saved me a tank full of petrol, but involved immense self control to resist the temptation to boot it :rotfl:


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I took my Dad's Volvo S40 down to Lutterworth yesterday and was playing with the cruise control (love new toys:D) and cruising at a steady speed was really helping with the fuel consumption. I was getting up to 65mpg, although low/mid 50's seemed to be the norm. I must be getting old though, as I didn't manage to get it into single figures.:rolleyes:

Great through the annoying stretch of roadworks with SPECS camera too, set and 50 and relax.:) Just a shame there were so many idiots on the road interupting the flow, but that's for the other thread. ;)
I suppose if its just to save money ie via fuel economy then really how much would you have to use it and for how many miles to make the circa £150 saving the cruise costs?

id have it fitted for 60% ease of cruising 20% safely knowing you won't break speed limit so long as your set below the speed limit that is, and the other 20% fuel saving,

if you can wire it yourself even better, a lot of vw cars allready have it enabled on vagcom, so just need the stalk and wire it in.

Ian J

I've had cruise control for years on cars but rarely use it as I think it dangerous as I end up concentrating even more ready to brake in case of emergency.

The only time that I ever use it is when there is a cluster of speed cameras as there is on one stretch of dual carriageway near me that is artificially restricted to 40mph and I know that a momentary lapse in concentration at the end of a long day may cost me three points.

If you are heavy right footed it can save you petrol as I messed about with the on board computer driving on a long stretch of the M5 and cruise control limited to 75mph returned a better consumption than my right foot limiting the speed to 75mph


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I've also had cruse on my last few cars and I've found it works really well when the road is quiet or you want to travel at a speed slightly below what everybody else is doing (such as towing). If its even remotely busy and you want to do say 80 mph you'll find that very few people seem to be able to keep their cars at 80 mph so you'll end up overtaking people that have just overtaken you or if you go to overtake them you'll see them speed up straight away.

Worth getting if you are prepared to trust it and accept that you can't always use it.


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I've had cruise control for years on cars but rarely use it as I think it dangerous as I end up concentrating even more ready to brake in case of emergency.
thats exactly what i was like when i had it on my previous BMW's- so very rarely used it.


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personally i love cruiser control but the pionts about braking are very valid

personally i put it on a chill whenever im on a long stretch and dont need to be anywhere fast

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