Retrieve early 1990's digital audio


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I have a friend who has music from his band on Sony Video 8 tapes (HG 60 Metal).
The recording was done at a studio in Japan in 1991 on a Sony digital device (model unknown).
It is multi track, with 6 or 7 mono tracks.
He has no way of playing it back.

I have a Panasonic Camcorder from the same era (Model PV-GS70D) which uses Mini DV cassettes.
I believe his tapes will physically fit in my camcorder, is this correct?
I realize my camcorder is built to record/playback video, is there any hope that it could capture his digital audio?
Could I use my iDV cable to output from my camcorder to what looks like Firewire connector,
into a computer with a Firewire port?
Then could I use software on the computer to capture the binary data and recover the original recording?
I realize the odds are low, but I need to ask the question.

Thanks in advance for any comments / suggestions.

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