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Retrain in a new career


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I enjoy my job but it doesn't pay the bills and have relied on the wife's wage for that stuff.
I have been looking at courses. Mainly either plumbing & gas or electrician. I need something with longevity really.

Cost isn't too important but has anyone have experience of moving into either field later in life, I'm only 21 * cough 43 *


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Friend of mine trained as an electrician and he is a good one, only guy I use now as he wouldn't cut corners even if I asked him. He charges mind but I would rather pay more to get the job done correctly. It's well paid and definitely longevity. Plumbing with push fit is easier to DIY but well paid if gas cert.

Deleted member 161415

Medical / dispensing jobs

Check out the hourly rates on indeed jobs, tend to be £60 plus a hour but, by doing this you can see which jobs versus salary and type you would be interested in that are available.

I'm opposite to you with current job but want to retrain to be a dry stone Waller or pie and peas seller in the indoor market but, need the axe to fall in my current job before I can afford it


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I can afford either course so thats not an issue. The gas cert course I mentioned is quite simple to choose. Seems to be Level 2 plumbing course then onto the gas side.

The electrician one, there seems to be many many course!

@SteveCritten could you ask your friend which course in particular he did? We had an electrician come and work on our fuse box, fitted a new one. He did not issue the cert, his boss did after he did the work. I guess I would need to be able to do that also.


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Gas is by no means easy. Problem comes to pass your course you need evidence and to provide evidence you need to be working in the gas industry. You would need to find work as a mate and work up from there. Takes about 3 yrs as a mate and 2 yrs as a junior technician before you would be considered competent by any reputable company.

The course itself is so watered down these days it's verging on dangerous. You have under equipped training companies showing you the ropes on outdated equipment. I think you can meet the guided learning hours in 2 weeks? Then they send you away to build your portfolio of 3 jobs and then return for a couple of days to build your portfolio into something worth passing.

As with a lot of the older guys that have come through apprenticeships. I wasn't even permitted to touch a spanner for my first year. The only thing I rocked was a shovel, broom and kettle. It was all about watching and learning. Fast forward and I'm now a senior pipeline engineer lol


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You've a job you enjoy and you're looking to leave it for money despite the fact your family finances seem to be able to support you doing whatever?

Why change job? Most would consider you lucky to be in that position! Take home pay isn't everything and will life be improved if you're taking home an extra £500 a month but hate the 50 hours a week its taking you to earn it?


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The job I have I can continue to do however, the money isn't always there. Clients come and go. Train for a specific event etc. I wanted something that is self employed basis so I have a back up. I don't necessarily have to work 50 hours at it.
What DarenD posted did make me think a lot about that.
T would also be learning that from nothing so I am leaning towards the electrician course now. Simply because I have done this stuff around the house for years so have some idea of what's going on.

For the next month I have a number of clients competing in Ironman. So, once this few months is over I will start the chosen course.

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