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Hi all,

First post here, and consider me an absolute newbie, as I know next to nothing about projection. Only that I would love to install a retractable projection screen that can be lit from behind.

My living room and home office are separated by a double door that I will remove, and above the door opening I would like to mount a retractable screen. The beamer would be located in the office room, and ideally, I could use both sides of the screen should I want a huge screen in the office. The primary goal is a large tv for the living room though.

The beamer would be around 4-5m from the screen, which has to be ~2m wide.

So far, I have not found a single product that matches my needs. I have found materials for rear projection, some even claiming they can be used on either side, but none that are used in a ready to use wall/ceiling mountable unit.

Im considering buying a cheap automatic screen and replace the screen with rosebrand twin white, but I have no idea how hard that would be, or even if its a good idea.

If I can sort out the screen, Ill have some questions later for the beamer itself, but first I need to know if what I want is doable.


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