Retaining all-in-one DVD player for seperates system?


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I currently have a Pioneer DCS360 all-in-one 5.1 system. Sadly it has no optical inputs so I can only get stereo sound from X360, PS3 and consequently blu-ray and HDDVD!

I want to upgrade to a seperates system so I can get surround sound for all my AV sources. Thing is, I was hoping to retain the speakers and the DVD player from my DCS360 as I'm quite happy with them.

Does the all-in-one DVD player process the 5.1 sound internally and send it straight to the speakers, or can i send it through HDMI to the new amp (which will now be driving the existing speakers)? If I connect the current DVD player to a new surround amp via HDMI, will that send 5.1 sound, or just video? I don't really want to have to fork out for a new DVD player if it's not necessary!


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