retailers that give/allow decent equipment auditions



Can anyone recommend suppliers (chain, specialist or otherwise) that can set up a decent audition of Widescreen/32" sets or at least have their equipment set up on display reasonably well in the first place to view? (in the London area if poss., but happy to travel).

I've read stacks of reviews (online/offline), noted the advice and comments on this forum and have arrived at a short list of models - but when it comes down to it, I really need to see each box do its stuff for me to take the plunge.

Having trawled the dreaded Tottenham Court Road to try to just try to view a variety of sets, done the usual department stores and a handful of more specialist places, I cannot seem to find anyone who is able to demo the sets I want ("yes it's in stock, but we don't have it on display...") or if they are on display they've got some cr*ppy interference ridden tv signal going thru - making it impossible to compare (the sales assistants being as effective as a chocolate teapot).

...or am I being unrealistic? is it a case these days of picking one, 'suck it and see' - sending it back if I don't like?

any advice/recommendations appreciated.
I suspect you may have difficulty finding someone as presumeably most dealers are competing mainly on price and there is not much point offering demos (which cost time and money) when Joe Public is likely to then walk down the road and buy from the cheapest box shifter. That said don't John Lewis in Oxford Street have a small room on one side of the main display for viewing TV's and audios (I may be mistaken as I don't go to London very often but seem to recall such a facility).
hi hornydragon - the models I want to compare are from JVC, Panasonic and Philips. Doesn't look like Audiofile will be able to help. thanks anyway.

hi henchard - agreed - it does seem that way most stores are either box shifters or high-end specialists - nowt in between. John Lewis - thanks for the tip - it's actually the remaining place down Oxford Street I haven't tried yet.

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