Retailer who only has ONE delivery man - beware. (2 at a cost to YOU)


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Aug 19, 2003
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I'm expecting a replacement Loewe 32" Mimo Tv from an internet store today.
My problem with the unit is there is a black mark/spot on the inside of the screen. It's been there since the purchase of the tv back in November but with sales staff at this store not arranging delivery until the last couple of weeks along with no information on their system surrounding my numerous phone calls, it has taken until now to sort out.

However my gripe is that this store only supplies ONE delivery person! The consumer who has purchased the tv has to give the deliveryman a hand!!
I’m actually off work on the sick due to being in a road accident and can’t get anyone to help me but I’m told by this company that if I need help I need to pay them £49 to get a second delivery person.

Below is an email, which was sent off to them recently………

Dear Sir

I purchased a 32" Loewe Mimo on 11th November 2003 for £1089 - invoice number **********.
Within days of receiving the unit I noticed a black spot on the screen and understand, via one of your salesmen, it is a "burnt out pixel".
The salesman had firstly suggested an engineer could possibly fix the problem and therefore would need someone to take a look at the set before an exchange could be made.
Within 3-4 days I received a telephone call to say there would be no need for an engineer to look at the tv and a replacement set was ordered for me. He informed me that this may take some time as Loewe Mimo's were very popular and, along with the pre-christmas rush, it could be 4-5 weeks until I could take delivery of the replacement unit.
Having heard nothing for around 5 weeks, I rang the sales department again to discover there was no note of my conversation in November on the system.
The salesman apologised and a replacement tv was ordered.......I thought.
I again made contact with the sales department around 2 weeks ago and again little was known surrounding the circumstances of my tv.
Finally, I received a telephone call to say a tv would be available for delivery on Tuesday 17th February.

I realised the first time my tv was delivered that only one delivery person arrives, who then asks for assistance upon arrival.
I was amazed to find that I would have to help a delivery person with my own tv from his van. What would have happened if I had purchased a Toshiba 61PH18B !

Having been involved in a road accident and currently off work with an injured back and leg, I rang the sales department to see if I could arrange for delivery to be made by 2 men.

I was informed by a salesman if a disabled person or elderly person needs help they need to pay £49 to pay for an extra delivery person. Surely this is discrimination.
If this information is made clear on your website I would not be making a complaint. However I cannot see any mention of having to assist the delivery person so a complaint, I believe, is justified.

During my telephone conversation I was asked if I wanted to pay the £49 to pay for help to get the tv to my front door. I declined. It was then suggested that he would "meet me halfway" and charge me only £24.50. Again, I declined. Then it was suggested that a neighbour could help!

I cannot understand how a company can deal in such huge items but only have one delivery person.
Surely it makes for good customer service and is obviously more practical for 2 people to be employed to do a job which is intended for 2 people.

I would also like to know how insurance works if someone who has been asked to help is injured by carrying such a large object?

I would like to point out that the fault with the tv had occurred some 3 months ago and I feel that is quite some time to wait to change a tv. I would also like to point out that the box the tv was in was fully opened and feel the tv "may" have been rejected by a previous customer.
I'm looking to upgrade a second tv to a 42" plasma in the very near future. I believe customer service and customer loyalty is paramount and would urge you to look at how this problem can be rectified.

I do not wish to change the date of delivery but would appreciate a time, to the hour, when the tv will be delivered and trust that 2 men will deliver it, without any extra cost to myself.


Chris Truman

I have had NO reply to this email even though it has been sent to two departments, sales and customer services.

I have also sent 3 emails over the last 3 months regarding questions surrounding this issue along with warranty details, again with NO reply.

If I don't receive a replacement tv today I'll "name and shame" this company tomorrow.

I would also like to know which other internet companies only have one delivery person - if any.

Just made a phone call to double check to see if the tv will be arriving today.......what a suprise, it won't.

The tv has "only just come in today" and will be sent out for tomorrow delivery.

Funny that because last week when I spoke to someone they had a 32" mimo tv in stock available for me.

Well, I suppose I'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Great fun this eh.
I had my Tosh 42wh36 delivered last Friday and when I called to confirm this I got confirmation that they would not need any help, there would only be my Pregnant Girlfriend at home.

TV arrives in a large van with ONE driver.

He struggled to get the TV in and I felt for him, but again cost cutting seems to make peoples lives a right pain.

The Dealer - Techtronics.
Well I think this firm deserve to be named today...

I sympathise with your situation, but remember online dealers have to balance service with price.

How many customers would be prepared to help the van driver, if they could save £25 - £50 on delivery? I would say most.

The point is why should we all pay higher delivery charges, when the majority of us can help with the lifting and who prefer to install their equipment themselves.
Yep, But when they claim free delivery and when you call about the delivery date, you say that there will be no one to help. They should say something then, rather then send one person out with what was a rather large box.
100% agree with you MrRalphMan.

I know some online stores must try to cut costs somewhere, but they should have stated on their website they only supply one delivery person then there will be no surprises for the unsuspected consumer.

I also agree the vast majority of people would help the delivery person to save £49 but atleast inform us prior to the delivery.

Online shopping is excellent and huge savings can be made (I've just spent £830 on an in-car entertainment centre - which would have cost me around £1400 from my local dealer) but some stores just need to pull their finger out when it comes to customer service.

i had terrible customer service from argos which has **personally** put me off buying a tv from them again.

though they had the Decency to send 2 delivery people each time, if they had sent just one person and asked my old mum to help them lift a 32" sony tv, i would of blown a gasket!:mad:

i also feel for these delivery drivers, there back's will probably get knackered at an early age.

im fishing for a new 32" CRT from costco, each set they sell has a 3 year warrenty. they buy in bulk and sell quickly, they dont home deliver hence keep costs down but that isnt a problem, it should work in my favour because i'll save the delivery money.:cool:
Well, got the tv changed today. One deliveryman as expected.
The guy was saying its a total joke when it comes to delivering large boxes and even said the warehouse where he works sometimes gets him to drop off 3 seater settee's by himself!

The cost cutting that some companies do is unreal.
The poor blokes back will be doubled up by the time he's 40.

Just hope I've informed one or two people about the situation and also double check with the retailer before placing your order - even if you get free delivery.

The courier that delivered my Aconda last year only sent one guy with the TV.
For anyone that hasn't seen a Loewe box they are huge with excellent packaging but on top of a 9.5 stone TV they do add a lot of weight.
Also I was nightshift so I was dragged out of bed to go and help the guy.
Surely the HSE would like to hear about the loads these guys are expected to humpf around?
anything over a 28" has to handled by 2 people it is in breach of HSE regulations for anyone to be expected to lift anything over 25 or 30 KG on their own! so some lawsuits for couriers coming! We always send 2 men out for large deliveries unless the customer offers as it can add a couple of days to a delivery to get 2 men. But we do not charge extra for 2 man delivery, we charge for delivery yes but if takes 2 we send 2!
I think a list of good, genuine retailers who continue to look after the customer regarding delivery should be made to users who are looking at getting a large tv etc.

Its another tick in the box when deciding where to buy.
When making my next AV purchase I'll be leaving "buy your av" off my list unfortunately.

By the way, my replacement Loewe tv looks fine at first glance - they are cracking tv's!

All very well saying how many of us would be prepared to help the delivery man if we saved £50 or so buttttt what happens if ur disabled or have heart problems but feel compelled to help because you want your television and you end up suffering because you helped, also what happens if the television is damaged because you helped, that would count against you as you were handling the television at the time, if it advertises free delivery it should be FREE DELIVERY, how they deliver it is upto them but thats their responsibility not ours.
Originally posted by FoxyMulder
All very well saying how many of us would be prepared to help the delivery man if we saved £50 or so buttttt what happens if ur disabled or have heart problems but feel compelled to help because you want your television and you end up suffering because you helped, also what happens if the television is damaged because you helped, that would count against you as you were handling the television at the time, if it advertises free delivery it should be FREE DELIVERY, how they deliver it is upto them but thats their responsibility not ours.

Sorry, but I don't agree.

If you buy from the high st, ala Dixons, Comet, etc and you're paying high st prices - then I think it reasonable to expect two men to deliver your large tv.

However, we are talking about online purchases with big savings compared with the high st AND with either free/subsidised delivery - you still expect two men!

Most sites I have visited state that delivery will usualy be by one man, and someone needs to be there to help unload. If this is a problem, than a two man team can be arranged at extra cost.

What's wrong with that?

If you have bust your leg on holiday and require two seats on the plane home, the airline charges accordingly.

Are you suggesting everyone pays for two seats on a plane, when the majority require only one.
Nothing wrong with it IF they state in advance ur expected to help if they DON'T state that ur expected to help then i have a problem with it.
I got my 32 inch TV from Digital Point and they sent two people and even unboxed it so I could inspect it before they left, they have some of the cheapest prices I have ever seen, and it is a uk model.

Just though I would add that.



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